Monday, 28 November 2011

New Website --- under construction

Scottish wolf

It's been a while in coming, and I'm almost there with the new website, designed to promote Gaia's Children, share short stories, and offer information on the Gaia Theory. Because wolves play such a dominant role in Gaia's Children, I'm planning to post material pertaining to wolves in Scotland and their ecological importance. So far, they are confined to a few wildlife sanctuaries, but by 2050 --- who knows what their range may be.

Gaia's Children is scheduled to hit the bookshops on March 1, but if you want your copy earlier, let me know and I'll dispatch one as soon as I receive the first batch. It will also be available as an ebook. In the US, you can order the book on Amazon. Meanwhile, feel free to peruse or download the opening chapters.

Also, you may want to download The Lottery, a short story set at the same time as the novel.

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