Saturday, 23 July 2011

Turning on the Heating

Weather talk in Scotland is usually pleasant, boring conversation. “Nice day isn’t it?” is a common greeting. However the subject can also be controversial.

Today I turned on our central heating.

I ought to feel sympathy for all our friends in the US who are suffering under sweltering heat. I read about it in the news, of temperatures over 100F (42C) in Houston, New York, Washington etc. Hot enough to cause significant distress. Perhaps it has also reignited the global warming debate. But how am I to muster any sympathy for those living in air conditioned rooms, when here at Cottarton, for most of July, night time temperatures have hovered around 6-8C ( 45F)? Daytime temperatures have rarely topped 60F. Last night, after returning from Scone to a cold cottage, I stayed awake half the night, shivering in bed.

No --- I said no, I will not turn on my central heating. Think of your carbon footprint. This is July!! Today I caved into the inevitable. With temperatures unlikely to break 50F, what else am I to do?

Today, Metcheck issued a frost warning for parts of rural Scotland, Omeomeomi! What will become of my dahlias!


  1. Wow, if YOU turned on the central heating, that's something... Still, freezing or not, can't wait to be up there!

  2. Amber Poole Kieniewicz24 July 2011 at 01:54

    I thought last summer was the coldest summer in 50 years - guess not. I must have misunderstood. Keep warm, my love.

  3. Yes, and this year's summer is the coldest in 200 years!

  4. I wish there was some way for you to send some of the cold to Houston. I'm ready for it not to be one of our 3 seasons of summer. I hope you keep warm.

  5. Will that frost belong to last winter or the coming winter?

  6. I was in Przychodzko on the day at Hania's wedding and it was lovely and warm and now I'm in Krakow and it's 26C outside. And Bogus and Chris are preparing to receive Picasso's son and the temperature between them is rising by the minute.....

    sciskam Ciebie mocniutenko Pawelku

  7. The DFW area has had almost a MONTH of 100+ temps! We are at our daughter's home in Katy enjoying 97 degrees and even some RAIN! She was in Scotland (Aberdeen) this time last year. Said she would NEVER complain about the hot Texas summers. And she hasn't!