Thursday, 28 April 2011

Any feedback?

If you particularly like an entry, Amber and I would like to hear from you. Often we're not sure whether the blog is something people read when they wake up at 2 AM and have trouble getting back to sleep. Do our entries about country living read best at 2 AM? Or do we need to get your blood boiling by posting a controversial, political or religous polemic --- ala Christopher Hitchens? More short fiction? Book reviews? Humour pieces maybe? Alas, Amber assures me that my days as a standup comedian are over.

We promised to keep the blog interesting, and hope that it keeps you awake.

I realize that this somewhat clunky blogsite requires a Google account to post a comment on the page. But --- there's our email:



  1. I DO read your blog postings....each and every one! Usually I comment - sometimes not! But I ALWAYS read them and find them and find them fascinating!!!

  2. Thank you Linda. I appreciate your comments